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About Me


WELCOME to my site!

My passion is to keep our dogs healthier, happier and living longer! Who wouldn’t want their beloved canine friend and companion around longer if they had a choice?


My name is Marlaina, and I have had dogs my whole life. Not only did we have dogs, but they were inside dogs, and part of the family. They even went camping with us! So…our little Dachshunds Olga and Hilda, who were part of the family, would be fed the best we knew to feed them at the time.red-dachshunddachshund-look

In my early teens, I was a competitive gymnast, then a competitive swimmer in high school. I continued to be very active after high school and into adulthood, where eating a healthier diet became a priority. My kids and family dogs were raised with the healthiest diets possible at that time under a young family’s budget.

Over the years, I have become very passionate about researching the latest and most up to date foods and treats to feed our beloved dogs, Bella, the Rottweiler, and Gracie the Doberman.  Whichever diet or treats we chose, I wanted to know about Me-with-girlsevery ingredient used and if they were safe for my dogs to eat. The saying “you are what you eat” applies to our animals too! I love my dogs, and it’s up to ME to give them a long, healthy life!


I want to help people because SO many people have NO idea that what they are feeding their beloved canines could be what’s killing them! I know it’s a horrible thing to think about, but it’s something we need to take seriously if we are to keep Fido around longer.

So many hidden ingredients in foods and treats that have absolutely NO nutritional value for your dog. “If it sounds good to me, it must be good for my dog!” WRONG!! This is where I would like to educate my readers in a way that is easy to understand, NOT to complicate things.


My goal is to educate you on healthy eating options for your dog. They will include kibble, raw food, canned, or homemade diets, and of course, treats! We will be learning about pet food labeling, and what it really means! We’ll look at the benefits, as well as the dangers of different diets, and so much more. I pride myself in how I feed my own dogs and want to share my experience with other dog lovers alike.teacher dog

I know it can be pretty overwhelming to look at an ingredient list on a bag of kibble. For many, it can look like a foreign language. I am ready to look at them with you and break them down into a more simplistic, easy to understand list.

Another reason for my site would be to help those who want to feed their dog a healthier diet, but don’t think they have the money to make such a change or the time to do the needed research. I can help you by doing a lot of it for you. Probably one of the biggest reasons I am doing this is because I want to help those who feel completely overwhelmed by making such a change. I want the transition for you and your dog to be as simple, and low stress as possible!  With the many healthy options available, my hope is that my website will help you to find the diet that is best for you and your dog!

I am not a Veterinarian or any other kind of doctor, but I am a woman with a passion for health and longevity. My many years in healthcare and college have given me the tools to help others like you, so let’s do this together!! With knowledge, anyone can have a happy, healthy eating dog!!

Please feel free to leave any comments or questions you’d like to ask below. Would love to hear from you!!

Be sure to check out my site at http://www.healthyeatingdog101.com to learn more about feeding your dog a healthy diet, including treats!!

See you on the inside!

Marlaina B.







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