Quick And Easy Homemade Dog Treats

Quick And Easy Homemade Dog Treats

dog-treatsMost dogs love to eat…plain and simple! They stare at us while we eat, in hopes we just might drop a crumb or two. Unfortunately, much of what we humans eat is just not good for them. Wouldn’t it be great if you could prepare quick and easy homemade dog treats in your own kitchen just for them? Lucky for them, you can! Let’s go check out some recipes!

Benefits Of Making Your Own Dog Treats

I love the benefits of making my own dog treats at home, and think you will too! Since you get to choose the ingredients, you have total control over what your dog is eating. Below, I want to share some benefits of homemade treats to consider before making your next in-store purchase.

  • Allergies – If your dog has allergies, sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what those allergies are. By limiting the ingredients to just a few, you can omit the ones they are allergic to, as well as other probabilities.
    No hidden fillers, preservatives, additives or chemicals
  • Overweight or underweight dog – you select ingredients to support either with higher, or lower calorie/carbohydrate whole foods.
  • Diabetic dog – Sugar controlled ingredients selected by you.
  • The well-being of your dog – By making your own treats, you can include ingredients that support your dog as a whole. For example, healthy coat and skin, eyesight and hearing, muscle and bone health to name a few.
  • Save money – It’s true! Treats have become SO expensive in the stores today. With prices up and quality down, you can’t afford to put your beloved dogs’ health on the line.

For the above reasons, even with a busy schedule, I will take the short amount of time it takes to make my own treats. My Rottweiler, Bella, and Doberman, Gracie are worth it! Now let’s look at some simple recipes!

1.  This one is SO easy! 2 ingredients! I would use baby food with pure, organic ingredients and no fillers for this one!

dog-milk.com – Easy 2 Ingredient dog treat

2. Here’s one using peanut butter! What dog doesn’t LOVE peanut butter?!!

kitchenconfidante.com – Simple Homemade Dog Biscuit

3. This is one of our favorites! I usually substitute the apple for a handful of strawberries and blueberries. If using frozen, don’t use too many as it will be too thick. You can thin it out to your liking. I also use my food processor and make a larger batch as these go pretty fast!

Irresistiblepets.net – Frozen Apple treats

4. Here’s a GRAIN FREE recipe with brown rice flour, apples, Greek yogurt, ginger and coconut oil……YUMMM!!

lolathepitty.com – Ginger Apple dog treats

5. OH, MY goodness!! This one has ALMOND BUTTER!! MY favorite!! I just can’t get enough of it, nor can my dogs! This is a quick and easy recipe that is SURE to be a hit with your dogs!

prettyfluffy.com – Banana Almond treats

6. Although I’m not a huge fan of using whole wheat flour, most dogs tolerate it in moderation. This is a recipe made with pumpkin and carrots that is sure to be a crowd pleaser!!

mypawsitivelypets.com – Pumpkin Carrot treats

7. Simple Pumpkin Cookies – SO yummy!

mygbgvlife.com – Simple Pumpkin cookies

8. This is a great recipe for an older dog that can’t quite handle crunchy snacks any longer, but you still want to treat them to a yummy, healthy snack full of nutrition! Made with Salmon and sweet potatoes!

kolchakpuggle.com – Salmon and Sweet Potato treats

9. Homemade dog biscuits. This is for the one who loves a crunchy treat full of goodness!

kitchenconfidante.com – Crunchy Dog biscuit

10. Of course, there had to be one for the CHEESE lover! I would personally use coconut oil as the oil, and would probably use an organic flour.

sugarthegoldenretriever.com – Cheese Lover treat


So there you go…….10 healthy, quick and easy homemade dog treats that anyone can make. With the hundreds of recipes out there, I tried to give you a few to get you started that offered you a variety of ingredients for over or underweight dogs, grain allergies, active or older, less active dogs. If you don’t have any cute cookie cutters to use, I use these that I got from Amazon. We LOVE them!  Bone and Paw silicone molds.

Would love to hear in the comments below how your dog likes these recipes, or even better, recipes that you have made for your dogs!! Please share!!

Be sure to check out my website at http://www.healthyeatingdog101.com for more posts on nutrition, including fruits and veggies, homemade and raw feeding and more!!

Be well,

Marlaina B. 🙂














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